Message from Audrey (Aitaikimochi)

Aitai☆Kuji is a website for fans started by a fan.

Aitai☆Kuji first started off as a small scale side project of mine with the hopes of allowing people abroad to enjoy the same merchandise that I enjoyed buying here in Japan. Contrary to popular belief, I actually was not a very big fan of anime merchandise when I first started out. However, after seeing how much fun my followers and fans had with not only the media content of the fandoms that they enjoyed but to also support their favorite characters, shows, etc. through anime goods, I was surprised at how awesome the entire fandom experience was with merchandise involved.

It was also extremely rewarding to see people happy with the goods that I was able to provide them. Soon after, the amount of volume I received started to really pick up, and I decided that the best choice was to open a company here in Japan, thus 株式会社Aitai Japan was born, which Aitai☆Kuji is a part of.

By providing easy access to these limited edition and hard­to­find goods in Japan, I hope that more and more people are able to have fun and enjoy the various fandoms that they are in, and I also hope to provide the best service possible for everyone! We hope to continue to bring the element of fun and enjoyment of anime and fandom in general to those around the world, and we are so thankful for everyone’s support and love throughout the years! We cannot express in words how thankful we are for all of our fans, and we hope to be able to become even bigger and better than before, all thanks to you, our fans! From fan to fan, 心の底から感謝しています。これからもよろしくお願いいたします!

—Audrey, CEO & Founder of 株式会社Aitai Japan

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