Animal Crossing New Horizons Tomodachi Doll Figurines Volume 3 BLIND PACKS

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¥600 (Approx. $5.47 USD)
Release Date: April 2022

Bandai Candy will be releasing another volume of the Animal Crossing New Horizons "tomodachi doll" figurines that come with ramune flavored candy! Characters in this line-up include Blathers, Celeste, Apollo, Judy, and more!

Shipping Policy

Dimensions: Roughly 4cm each figurine

**PLEASE NOTE: The food product is processed at a facility that may handle dairy and tree nuts.

**PLEASE NOTE: These items will be available via BLIND PACKS only, meaning that you will not know which character or design you will get!

**PLEASE NOTE 3: Due to COVID-19 and the lack of aircraft leaving Japan, there may be delays of up to 3-6 weeks for international shipping regardless of the order’s shipping method. This affects EMS, Registered Air Mail, and Standard Air Mail packages. We apologize for this inconvenience.