Aitai☆Kuji is happy to announce that we are officially partnering with popular Japanese anime apparel brand R4G (Respect For Geeks)! R4G is known for their distinct designer clothes and accessories for numerous anime and video game series such as Haikyuu!!, Persona 5, Hatsune Miku, Attack On Titan, and more! If you're looking for a fashionable way to appreciate your favorite series, then R4G's collection is the way to go!

R4G was founded on the premise of combining the love for anime with the love for fashion. Since anime has become a very mainstream concept all around the world, there has been a growing trend to take anime fashion in a more subtle, everyday wearable direction. Instead of having just a character's face or series logo printed on a t-shirt, R4G has created innovative ways of representing various anime and video game series with a modern street style spin. They take the otaku culture and combine it with fashionable looks so that they can reach a wider audience, spreading the love of anime and video games all around the world through fashion.

Here at Aitai☆Kuji, it is also our goal to be able to give those around the world access to exclusive anime and video game merchandise from Japan, and it is an honor to be partnering with R4G to bring that same passion for anime and video games onto the international stage.

R4G asked us to put together a few looks using the different clothes and accessories they have from their various collection, and here's a couple of Lookbook outfits that Aitai Japan Inc. CEO Audrey has modeled and put together!


PERSONA 5 "Take Your Heart" Shirt Look

First up is the Persona 5 collection, featuring the popular "Take Your Heart" long-sleeve cutsew. The inspiration for this shirt comes from the Phantom Thieves logo of the burning Top Hat as well as their iconic calling card font. In this look, Audrey has paired the long-sleeve shirt with a form fitting skirt and a chain belt. The skirt can be either a plain color, such as red, black, or white to fit the Phantom Thieves look, or a patterned one to give it a bit more flair. The shirt works without a belt, but the belt allows you to define more shapes and curves. The belt that Audrey chose is a chain one, which references the chain motif from the Velvet Room within the game, but a simple leather or fabric belt can work too! The look can be completed with some chunky heels or sneakers.

PERSONA 5 "Fukidashi Checkered" Red T-Shirt

The next look is also from Persona 5, featuring R4G's "fukidashi red checkered" oversize t-shirt. The word "fukidashi" means comic book caption bubbles, and the style of the checkered pattern mimics the smartphone chat log among Joker and the Phantom Thieves. Because the t-shirt is a bit over-sized, it would look nice paired with skinny jeans, either black or dark colors, so that the red of the t-shirt pops out more. The look can be completed with either chunky heels, sandals, or sneakers.

Attack On Titan "Photo Album" Shirt

The R4G Attack On Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin) collection is full of amazing details in each piece, and this silky dress shirt is no different. The prints are taken from iconic moments within the anime. Because the shirt is very loose, Audrey has put together a look that allows the t-shirt to be worn open and off the shoulder. Because the print of the shirt is very bold, wearing more muted colors for the inner shirt and pants can bring more attention to the print.

Attack On Titan "Nishin" Herring T-Shirt

Attack On Titan Swing Top Reversible Jacket

This Attack On Titan look combines two of R4G's pieces, the "Nishin" (Herring) t-shirt with the Swing Top Reversible jacket. The t-shirt print is written in the Eldian language, from the scene where Ymir is able to recognize and read the words written on the canned herring. Audrey paired the shirt with the reversible jacket that has the 3D maneuver gear print on it. The other side of the jacket is colored in a similar green used for the Survey Corps cape. The look can be completed with either wide leg pants in a similar green color as the reversible jacket. A long skirt could also work for this look!

Haikyuu!! Karasuno Freshman Hinata Long Sleeve Shirt

Haikyuu!! Checkered Sacoche Bag

Haikyuu!! Karasuno "Fly High" Socks

The Haikyuu!! x R4G collection has many different designs for Karasuno High School, Nekoma, Aoba Jousai, and Fukurodani! The looks put together are for the Karasuno colors and features a scene from the anime with Hinata. The long-sleeve shirt has two different scenes with Hinata on the front and the back, and this look is actually worn with the shirt backwards so that the larger print shows on the front. Since the series itself focuses on sports, the look takes inspiration from the sporty street fashion style. The sacoche bag also has the numbers of all the team players from Karasuno High School, and the socks have the words "Fly High" on the back. The look can be completed with chunky sneakers to stay true with the sporty theme!

Hatsune Miku Mikumoji Long Sleeved Shirt

Hatsune Miku Mikumoji Socks

Hatsune Miku Mikumoji Sacoche Bag

R4G's Hatsune Miku collection of apparel and accessories uses the iconic "Mikumoji" chibi art style of Miku's various expressions, similar to popular emoji faces. The Mikumoji pattern is present in the long-sleeve shirt, sacoche bag, and even the socks! Because the print has a bit of a cute and fun vibe, Audrey has created a playful and sporty look to accompany the designs. The biker shorts and sandals help make the look a bit more casual but helps the designs pop.

Those are all the looks that Audrey put together from R4G's collection; however, there are still tons more different types of apparel and accessories that you can mix and match to create your own favorite looks! Check out the current R4G collection here!
Aitai☆Kuji will be carrying all of R4G's new collections, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates on new R4G exclusive designs!