Where is the store based?

We are a small company of 12 people based in Tokyo, Japan!

Do you accept orders placed outside of Japan as well as the U.S.?

Yes, of course! We ship internationally and also domestically throughout Japan.

What are the store and customer support hours?

Our online store is open every day 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 10am-6pm Japan Standard Time. 

Customer Support Hours: Monday through Friday from 10am-6pm Pacific Standard Time.


How does the Pre-Order process work?

Pre-Orders are automatically processed at the time of purchase in order to reserve the item for your order. All Pre-Order items will not be shipped out until the Pre-Order item is released here in Japan, which may take several months after you have paid for your Pre-Order. Once pre-order item(s) are released and arrives at our office, please allow up to 1-2 weeks for our team to organize all items and send them out! Please note, orders will be shipped out by the latest pre-order release date.

Purchasing in stock items with Pre-Orders.

If you made a purchase with a pre-order that will be released until a later date, your order will only be shipped together once the pre-order is released. If you order two pre-order items that have different release dates, they will be shipped together based on the latest release date.

How do I pay for my order? Is it secure?

ペイパル|Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB

Our checkout process is powered by PayPal, one of the most trusted online payment solutions on the Internet. We promise all the same securities and payment fraud protection as these leading payment processors. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Diners Club.

How come I cannot view the status of my order?

You may have placed the order under a Guest Account. Only Registered Accounts may view their order status. If you placed your order under a Guest Account and would like to know the status, please contact our Support Team at [email protected]

Can I combine my orders?

At the moment we are no longer accepting requests to combine orders. For further details please contact our Support Team

How can I update the shipping address for my order?

We can only change a shipping address if the order is still processing. If you need your package to be shipped to a new address, please contact our Support Team as soon as possible with the updated address! In the event you need a shipping address changed after the order has been shipped, we cannot change the shipping address.

There’s something wrong with my order! What if I received the wrong item or quantity?

If you have a problem with an order please contact us directly using the contact page. We will be more than happy to assist you with fixing the problem in your order.

If you ordered a "SET" and it did not include all designs, some sets do not always guarantee that you will receive all characters, designs, etc. These sets that do not include one of every design may come with duplicates.

Pending Orders

If you have placed an order and have yet to pay via PayPal, your order MAY be canceled within a day after created! Our system goes through all ‘Pending’ orders on a daily basis to ensure that other customers have a chance to purchase products so please check out on PayPal as soon as you are redirected to their payment page.

Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately, all orders made on our website will NOT qualify for cancellation. In the event of a pre-order, because we automatically process each Pre-Order as soon as the order is placed, we cannot cancel orders. We process pre-orders at the time of purchase in order to ensure that we have reserved the correct quantity for the product. However, in the event that an item is out of stock or unobtainable, the order WILL BE qualified for a cancellation ONLY FOR the item that is out of stock as well as an adjustment to the shipping fee. Our customer service team will contact you in the event of an out of stock or unobtainable item. 

What is the refund process?

Although all orders do not generally qualify for a refund, there are a few exceptions: 

1) In the unfortunate event that your purchased item is out of stock and we are unable to acquire the item through a different source. We will have to proceed to either offer a product switch, refund, or store credit. Unless otherwise specified, refunds will be issued immediately, and the customer will receive an automatic email detailing the refund and items affected. If there is a specific problem with an item, our Support Team will notify you in regards to further information about the refund and how to proceed.

2) The item you ordered was never released and cancelled by the manufacturer. Customers will receive a full refund or store credit for the item in question.

How do I earn Aitai Points (AP)?

Aitai Points (AP) are rewarded such that for every 100yen spent on your order subtotal, you will receive 1 point. 1 point is equivalent to 1 yen. You can use Aitai Points after you have earned over 501 points total. To use Aitai Points, please enter the amount you would like to use at checkout.


What is the store return and exchange policy?

Once an order is placed, all sales are final.

When will my order be shipped?

If the item(s) in your order are ready stock, we will process your order to be shipped within 3-10 business days after the order is placed. If your order contains pre-order items, please refer to the Pre-Order section in the Orders FAQ.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Once shipped, shipping delivery times may vary depending on which shipping method you choose. The average estimated shipping delivery times is as follows;

Shipping Method Alternative Name Deliverly Time Tracking Insurance
Standard Air Mail Small Packet (Air) 1 - 2 weeks No N/A
Registered SAL Mail International ePacket Light 1 - 5 weeks Yes N/A
Registered Air Mail International ePacket 1 - 2 weeks Yes Up to 6,000 JPY
Express Air Mail EMS 3 - 7 days Yes Up to 20,000 JPY or More (Optional)
Express Air Mail DHL Express 2 - 5 days Yes Optional
Domestic Economy 普通郵便 2 - 5 days No N/A
Domestic Tracking ゆうぱっく(Yu-Pack) 2 - 3 days Yes Up to 300,000 JPY

By choosing regular shipping (Standard Air Mail), the buyer takes on full responsibility that should the item become damaged or lost in transit, the seller is not required to issue a refund or partial refund for lost or damaged items. Japan Post Registered Air Mail/Registered SAL Mail/EMS or DHL Express includes a tracking number that can be traceable online. Please note that the delivery times are only average estimates, and it is possible that packages can take up to 2-3 months to arrive depending on the destination's local postal services.

What should I do if the items in my package were damaged or lost in transit?

In the unfortunate event that your package is lost or damaged, we can only recommend contacting your local post office seeking reimbursement for the handling of your package. Please note, Aitai☆Kuji reserves the right to not be held liable for packages that have been damaged during transit, and orders affected will NOT qualify for a refund as it is the full responsibility of the buyer when choosing the proper shipping method.

Please note, items manufactured in China (i.e. Mo Dao Zu Shi, The Untamed, Heaven Official's Blessing) may come in damaged packaging during the transit from China to Japan. Damaged packaging does not qualify for a refund or reimbursement of fees. Only in the event the product itself is damaged can we contact the manufacturer to seek an exchange. For more information on an exchange, please refer to the "My product has a manufacturing flaw. What should I do?" section in our FAQ.

I never received my package. Can I still get a refund?

Unfortunately, any undelivered or returned packages that we receive will not qualify for a refund, as we do not handle the transit of packages. In the event that a package is returned to our office and you would no longer wish to pay for the re-shipping fee, we can offer store credit for only the value of the items.

My package was returned back to the sender. What should I do?

In the event that your package is returned to us due to an address change or error, an unclaimed package, or rejection of custom taxes and fees, the following will apply depending on the situation:.

1) In all cases of returned packages, the customer will be contacted that their package was returned to us because of either the aforementioned. The customer will be responsible for paying the re-shipping fee so we can ship out the item back to the customer. 
2) In the event that the customer does not want the item any longer, we will charge a 20% restocking fee for the item and issue you a store credit ONLY for your purchase. Please note that the initial shipping fee will NOT be returned to you.
3) If the package is returned to us due to the customer not agreeing to pay the custom taxes and fees incurred based on their country, the order will NOT be qualified for a refund as it is the customer’s responsibility to receive and pay all custom taxes and fees for their package. The package will only be shipped out when the re-shipping fee has been paid.
4) If the package is returned to us and suffers from damage during transit, the customer MUST RECEIVE the package. The customer will be responsible for paying the re-shipping fee and the order will NOT qualify for a refund.

We will notify the customer as soon as a package is returned to us, but if the customer fails to respond to our email, we will then send a follow up email after one week. Should the customer still fail to respond to our email in regards to the returned package, customers will automatically receive a store credit ONLY along with a 20% restocking fee deduction. 

Why was my order partially shipped?

We had previously partially shipped items because customers had waited an extended amount of time for the order and we proceeded to ship out the order partially. The remaining items in your order will be shipped out once the items have been received at our office. This only applies to orders made before October 2017, and new orders now will NOT be partially shipped unless specifically asked to do so by the customer.

Why is my order taking so long to ship?

In most cases, customers do not notice that the item that they have ordered is a pre-order item, and pre-order items usually have a period of at least 3 months before the item is released before it will be shipped to you. There are also manufacturing delays for shipping, and if our manufacturer and/or supplier changes any release dates for items, all customers will be notified by an automatic email stating the release date change.

Another case of orders taking a long time to ship out is due to an item not in stock due to either a manufacturer shortage or a limited edition event/cafe/store item going out of stock. If this happens, the customer will be contacted to see if they would still like to wait for the item affected or if they would like the rest of their order shipped out if it is combined with other items or receive a refund/store credit for the item that is affected.

How are shipping prices determined?

The shipping fee that is displayed at the Order Checkout process is a shipping AND handling fee, which includes all the packaging material plus the actual shipping price of the package. The shipping price of the package is determined by the weight of the contents within the package.

Why did I receive an email about paying more shipping?

While we determine the weight of items as accurately as possible, there have been instances when an item arrives in our warehouse and is much heavier than expected. In the event that this happens, customers will be notified and requested to pay a shipping fee difference as the fee usually is much higher than what was originally paid by the customer. The customer will be responsible for paying this shipping fee difference. If the customer refuses to do so, then a refund or store credit can be issued for the product as well as a 20% restocking fee.

Customs fees and values

All customs and import fees will be the customer’s liability. Aitai☆Kuji will not be accountable for any customs fee. Please note, we will also NOT be able to undervalue packages in order to avoid customs fees. Also, as aforementioned above, in the event that you reject your package due to import taxes, your package will NOT qualify for a refund as it is the customer’s responsibility to receive all packages once shipped.

Shipping of risky/hazardous items (i.e. Batteries, Perfumes, etc.)

Due to Japan Postal shipping rules and international shipping law, we do not ship out any products that may be hazardous during transit. We no longer sell perfume if the alcohol content is over 60% of the entire liquid volume. The shipping of external battery packs is only allowed for domestic shipping within Japan. If you have purchased any of these items in the past and have not received your item yet, please contact us in regards to your package.


The release date for a product states Month 2XXX. When will my order be shipped?

All products have a status or month that the product will be released in. The release month does not dictate that the product will arrive at the beginning of the month. The shipment of the product may arrive within the entire month from the 1st to the last day of the month. Please contact us only in the event that the month of the item’s release date has passed, and your order has not been shipped out yet.

Please note, release dates are subject to change due to delays in production, distribution, etc.

What does an ‘As-ordered basis’ mean for the release date?

Some products need to be ordered through our supplier or picked up on-site at various locations. We place the order or pick up the items at the location based on how many orders we receive for the products.

The release date has passed and my order still hasn’t shipped. When will it arrive?

Orders placed for an item with a passed release date are an As Order Basis item from the date of purchase. These As Order Basis items may take on average between 1-12 weeks depending on the source's stock available. 

Sometimes, Pre-Order items’ release dates are pushed back either by the manufacturer or supplier. Please note, release dates being pushed back is a common occurrence and may delay the shipment of your order. All release dates are subject to change based on availability through suppliers and/or manufacturers.

If you have any questions for any information for the delayed release date, please contact our Support Team at [email protected].

Why does the product look different than the product photo?

Most of the time the product photos that appear on our site are accurate depictions of what the actual product will look like. However, there have been instances when the actual product looks quite different from the product photo. Unfortunately in this case, we are not able to do anything since the manufacturer did not properly take or sketch an accurate product picture. 

Why did the product price change from the original Pre-Order price?

Product prices vary based on our suppliers. In the event that there is a price change from the supplier, customers are notified accordingly, and the new price will reflect the price change. In the event that you have purchased an item at a lower price but the item is then affected by a price change, you will be required to either pay the price difference or opt out of the order by receiving a refund or store credit. 

Product prices vary based on how we are able to obtain the item. If you have purchased an item at a higher price and the item then goes on sale or has a price adjustment that is lower than your initial purchase price, the item does NOT qualify for a price adjustment.

An item I ordered just went on sale and my item has not shipped yet. Can I get a price adjustment?

Unfortunately, we are not accepting price adjustments due to sales at this time. Products purchased at the price that was shown at the time of purchase is the final price and will not change.

Can Aitai☆Kuji help me acquire an item that is currently not listed on the site?

Yes! We are always happy to take any requests from our customers to add or pick up products not listed on our site! If you have any requests, please contact our Support Team at [email protected] with a link of the items you would like to see on our website.

On-site (Events, Cafes, Pop-Up Store, etc.) Products

Our team is happy to attend limited events to acquire items requested. All on-site items are priced with the proxy fee included in the product price. In regards to onsite items, there may be times when the item is SOLD OUT at the event. If this happens, we will contact the customer soon AFTER the event has ended. If an order is placed that contains an on-site item, there is a possibility that the item will be delayed or cancelled due to the demand of the item at the location. We try our best to secure all on-site items as to fulfill all orders, but there are cases when the item is not able to be properly secured. If any further information comes up, our Support Team will contact all orders affected.  

My product has a manufacturing flaw. What should I do?

We cannot take any responsibility for manufacturing flaws, but we can definitely work with you to contact the manufacturer and request for a replacement. If the item you have ordered shows any signs of damage that was not the result of the mishandling of the package during transit, please email us with pictures of the damage within 1 week from the day you received the item. We will then contact the manufacturer on your behalf and request for a replacement. However, most manufacturers also request that the item be sent back to them in order to receive the replacement. If this is the case, the customer will be responsible for the shipping fees from them to us as well as the re-shipping fee of the new replacement item from our warehouse back to the customer. We will NOT be responsible for any shipping fees incurred during the replacement process.

The "SET" I ordered did not come with all variations shown in the product photo. Why?

Some products that come as a "SET" does not always guarantee that you will receive all characters, designs, etc. These sets that do not include one of every design may come with duplicates. 


Purchasing R-18 Doujinshi

When purchasing doujinshi that has the R-18 label, the buyer automatically acknowledges that he/she is at least 18 years of age or older. Should R-18 Doujinshi be sold to a minor under any circumstances, the buyer will take full responsibility for his/her actions and will need to dispose of the doujinshi accordingly.

What is “Kuji?”

“Kuji” is short for “takara kuji 宝くじ,” which means “lottery.” Many of the goods we offer are only available in Japan by means of a lottery draw, so you never know what kind of item or character you can get until you open your raffle ticket.

How do I play the “Kuji?”

1) You buy a kuji ticket and decide how many times you would like to enter. Each entry is 1 ticket.
2) After paying for your tickets, you will then click Confirm, which will take you to a page that shows you exactly what items you have won by a random draw of prizes that are available in the kuji set.
3) After you see what you have won, we will ship you the items once they are released or if they are ready stock, within 3-5 business days!

“Kuji” Disclaimers

Kuji games are by no means to be played for money or any monetary value. Prizes are strictly for anime goods that are related to the kuji set that the customer plays. In certain cases, customers may not be able to play if country regulations do not allow for raffle prize systems. Aitai☆Kuji is not responsible or liable for any problems involving foul play and will disable the accounts of those who try to compromise the randomized drawing of prizes.