Check out our Jump Festa 2021 pre-order goods section today! Most items have been added for those who are interested. Also, to better explain the ordering process, please read this thread before placing an order!

The Jump Festa 2021 items are divided into 4 categories on their website. Items within the 2nd and 3rd categories, which are most of the items we have pre-orders open, are only a lottery basis ONLY IF the designated stock for the specific item sells out.

This means items are likely to already be secured during the Initial Order and Lottery Stage, and ordering multiple times could potentially get you every single order you made. That is why the website is very strict about a no-return policy on all lottery orders you make. All orders will be notified from December 21st through 22nd regarding whether they were successfully confirmed or not. It is possible that within a single order, only a few items were confirmed and others not (due to it going out of stock, hence why a lottery happens for that specific item).

In the event the item does sell out and we were unable to obtain it via the Initial Order and Lottery Stage, those items will be available on a Made-To-Order stage basis starting December 28th. This means that even if we are unable to secure all items in the Initial Order and Lottery Stage, there is a confirmed way to obtain all out of stock items through the Made-To-Order buying stage.

In case for whatever reason the December 28th Made-To-Order Stage items as well as the previous Initial and Lottery Stage items are also unobtainable, which is very unlikely, select items that were not sold out but part of the 2nd or 3rd categories will also be available at a later date online and at the Jump Shop starting February 10th, 2021.

In the event we are unable to secure a customer’s order for any reason, they will be issued a refund in full after the buying period has ended in February 2021.

To summarize, there are three buying periods for Jump Festa 2021 goods:

1) Initial Order + Lottery Stage on December 15th-20th: items become lottery ONLY IF they sell out.
Customers will be notified about the lottery stage results on December 21st through 22nd.

2) Made-to-Order Stage on December 28th: Items unobtainable during the lottery stage will be available for made-to-order for ALL customers

3) Regular Purchase Stage on February 10th, 2021: Items not sold out initially during lottery stages will be available on the Jump Shop online store or in stores physically.

For any questions or concerns, please contact us through our Contact Form.
Thank you very much in advance, and we wish everyone a wonderful Happy Holiday season!