The My Hero Academia WORLD HEROES MISSION movie was released in Japan on August 6th, 2021!
Audrey went to watch the movie on Opening Day and wrote up a full summary for those who are wondering what happens in the movie!

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Beware this summary contains a lot of spoilers for the movie!


The movie starts off with the leader of Humarize, Flect Turn, explaining how quirks are a disease. No one knows where they came from, but the longer they continue, the more dangerous quirks will become due to the Quirk Doomsday Theory. Humarize wants to cleanse the world by removing people who have quirks. They carry out an act of terrorism where they cause a type of gas to explode within a city, causing many civilians’ quirks to go berserk. This kills a ton of people from either their quirk destroying buildings or from the quirk causing their body to disappear or explode. Amidst this chaos, one of the Humarize followers is shown running away from the building with a metal suitcase. The scene then cuts to everyone already at their internships around the world.

Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki wear their new stealth suits and are in the plane with Endeavor and Burnin, Clair Voyance, and a few other Otheon Pro-Heroes. They jump out of the plane and make their way to one of Humarize's hideouts in Otheon.

The other internship groups shown are:

Tokyo, Japan
(Kirishima, Tetsutetsu, Amajiki, Jirou, Shoji, Fat Gum, Cementoss, Present Mic).

Cairo, Egypt
(Mineta, Kaminari, Sero, Shiozaki, Edge Shot, Mt. Lady, Kamui Woods)

Paris, France
(Ochako, Tsuyu, Nejire, Ryukyu)

New York City, USA
(Tokoyami, Hawks, Ojiro, Satou, Shishida, Shoda)

(Yaoyorozu, Setsuna, Majestic)

Everyone is listening to the news about Humarize's attack. They all prepare to fight the different factions of Humarize.
As each Pro-hero internship is dispatched, Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki enter the Humarize building. The Hero Association is watching the progress of the different divisions, and All Might is with the HA overseeing the teams. Hawks reports on what is going on. There's a lot of action scenes during the first 10 minutes of the movie showing the different pro-hero teams fighting in the different countries. Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki's new suits look super cool as they take down the villains. Clair Voyance uses her quirk, which can see through the blueprints of buildings and city structures, to track down the leader. However, as they go further into the building, they find that Humarize had already escaped.

Amidst the fighting, a guy with an eyepatch runs away from the Humarize building in Otheon carrying a metal suitcase. The contents of the suitcase are unknown, but the man is very nervous as he tries to run as fast as he can. The movie shows a kind of anime opening featuring all the internship teams. They are featured with Otheon first, France, America, Egypt, Singapore, then Japan. The rest of the class shows up (Ashido, Koda, Aoyama, and Hagakure show up, but they're not in the movie).

Cut to a scene of the Otheon slums, which look really colorful and beautiful. Rody is introduced with his two siblings Lolo and Lala. Rody is looking for work since they live in a really run down place. He goes to the local bar called Stanley's bar, run by Stanley. Rody asks if there are any new jobs for him. Stanley knows people who smuggle jewels, and he says that there’s a client who is waiting on some jewels to be delivered. He tells Rody to go help out.

He borrows Stanley's bike as he does though, which makes Stanley mad. He then rides the bike downtown to the shopping district.

Deku and Todoroki are walking down the shopping district holding a bunch of groceries. Todoroki explains that this is one of the busiest areas of the city, and Bakugou is behind them complaining about why they need to do shopping while on an internship. Suddenly, there's a robbery at the bank in the shopping area. The two villains carry a metal suitcase full of gems as they try to run away. Todoroki and Bakugou are on their tail as they try to capture them, but they use their quirks while doing so. Rody is waiting for one of the robbers to hand off the suitcase to him, and he waits around in one of the alleyways. The thief is being chased by Todoroki, but he is able to hand off the case to Rody still. Deku notices that Rody is holding the case and chases after him. Rody's bird distracts Deku as Rody runs away on the rooftops of the district. This scene looks amazing, combining CG and and hand drawn animation while he runs across the rooftops, and the camera work is so well executed here.

While Deku is chasing Rody, the scene cuts to an insane high speed chase on the highways near the ocean, and the guy with the eyepatch is driving crazily as he's being chased by a villain Beros, the lady who uses her fingers to form a bow and shoots tracking arrows. Beros tries to take the metal suitcase from the man with the eyepatch and shoots arrows to the car. The CG and animation for this scene is really well done. Her arrow grazes the man’s head, and the car goes out of control. He hits the curb of the highway, and the suitcase falls out of the car. Rody so happens to be in the crosswalk underneath the highway, and he trips as the falling debris from the highway hits the ground. He drops his suitcase but gets up and quickly picks it up a few steps away from where he fell. He then continues to run away from Deku.

He goes into the subway to try to escape. As he enters the train, he and his bird are trying to catch their breath. However, he sees that Deku is running on the train tracks and trying to catch the train. He then gets off with Deku, and Deku asks him to hand over the suitcase. Rody says he’s just an ordinary business man, and this is just a plain suitcase. He asks Deku why he was even using his quirk since he can tell that Deku isn’t from around here. Deku doesn’t know what to say, but he still asks Rody to prove he wasn’t doing anything sketchy and to show him the inside of the suitcase. Rody says if Deku wants to look inside the suitcase, he’ll have to pay him. Deku agrees and asks, “how much?” Rody says, “10,000 euros” and Deku says with a very serious face, “that’s too expensive.”

They then fight over the suitcase, and the suitcase flies into the air and drops on the floor, opening to show nothing but a few documents and papers. Rody tries not to freak out but he’s disappointed because there should actually be jewels inside. He then realizes he might have picked up the wrong suitcase when he tripped at the crosswalk before boarding the subway train.

Deku apologizes for thinking that Rody was trying to steal the jewels from the bank and bows to him. Rody says, “so this is the Japanese dogeza!?” Deku is very sorry that he mistakened Rody, and Rody says it’s fine. He tries to leave inconspicuously, but as he exits the subway, he’s surrounded by a ton of police. They tell him to stop, and Rody is confused why he’s being targeted. The police start shooting him, and Deku comes to save him and tells him that they need to get away right now.

He holds onto Rody as he uses his black whip like Spider-Man to propel them through the buildings. The police are chasing them still though, and Deku makes his way with Rody to the large bridge in the city that looks like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Otheon is like a mix between San Francisco and Rome. They get to the bridge, but Beros is on their tail and shooting her tracking arrows. This scene is freaking AWESOME. The CG and animation work is legit insane here, coupled with Deku's black whip quirk, which he has apparently mastered pretty well to use it fully.

Deku's grip on Rody loosens accidentally as he uses his black whip, and Rody falls down. Deku saves him by grabbing him as they both fall into the water below. Beros can't fire her arrows while they're underwater, so she retreats for the time being. At the Otheon Pro-Hero headquarters, Endeavor is mad at Todoroki and Bakugou that they used their quirks and tried to catch the thieves without waiting for the assistance of the Pros. Endeavor asks where is Deku, and Todoroki said that he tried calling him, but Deku did not pick up. As soon as he says this, he receives a call from Deku. He asks where is Deku, and Deku explains that he’s with another person he saved. They’re somewhere outside the city.

Clair Voyance then comes and tells Endeavor that there’s an urgent matter that they need to see. The news turns on and shows the scene where Deku was surrounded by the police, and although it seems to be a misunderstanding, apparently Deku is wanted for mass murder. The mass murder that is referenced is what happened in the beginning when Humarize used the quirk bomb thing to kill a bunch of civilians. The man who was running away with the suitcase was probably the person they wanted, but they framed Deku instead.

Todoroki and Bakugou watch the news and are confused what is going on. Todoroki asks Deku on the phone what happened, and Deku just says that he was trying to save Rody. Deku says while they were escaping, they were also attacked by a villain. Todoroki says that Deku is on the news right now and is currently wanted for mass murder. Deku is shocked. Todoroki tells Deku to run away and take out the battery on his cellphone so that the GPS can’t track them. All Might sees the news of Deku being wanted for murder too and is baffled by what is going on. Fat Gum’s team in Japan is also confused, and Kirishima says do they really think Deku would do something like this? In Egypt, Kaminari says that there must be some kind of mistake, and Midoriya would never do that. Mineta and Sero also agree. Ochako in Paris is watching the news too, and she says she doesn't believe it one bit. Tsuyu says there must be some ulterior motive for this framing. Ryukyu says they'll be okay since Endeavor can definitely help.

Rody gets mad at Deku that he somehow got caught up in this mess and is now an accomplice in this mass murder. He says they should just confess and give the suitcase to the police as the case has something to do with the mass murder. Deku says that's not a good idea right now because there’s clearly some kind of mistake, and this suitcase that they have is something that the villains also want. If they turn themselves in, then the villains might still come for them because they opened the case and might seem like they know the contents inside. Deku says that right now the only thing they can do is just keep a low profile and run to another country so that they at least will not be under the jurisdiction of Otheon and see what they can do from there.

Since Rody was not shown in the footage for being wanted for mass murder, Rody gets disguises for them. Deku wears a beige fisherman hat, brown overalls, and a light green polo shirt. Rody wears a white hoodie with cargo shirts. They try to hitch a ride on a bus, but since they don't want to be recognized, Rody says they need to stay on the top of the bus and hitch a ride for free. Deku feels bad and uses his air smash to throw two coins into the bus' coin slot as they catch the ride.

Endeavor is at Otheon's police headquarters and talks to the chief policeman to clear the charge for Deku. However, the policeman refuses to budge. Endeavors storms out of the room frustrated, and the policeman turns around and puts his hand over the Humarize book. He is part of Humarize, and that’s why he wants Deku to be caught so that they can retrieve the metal suitcase that they have. Todoroki is in the waiting room, and Clair Voyance comes to the room and says that the man who was driving the car was actually found to be a member of Humarize, as was the person who tried firing those arrows to the car. However, the driver is currently unconscious, so they can’t question him.

He then gets a text message from Deku that reads, “When it’s dark, there’s strawberries in the fridge, so help yourself.” Todoroki is puzzled what this means, and Clair Voyance says it must be some kind of coded message. Todoroki realizes that the first hiragana of each line spells out the word “Clade Country” (クレイド国), which Todoroki deciphers is the country Deku is currently heading to. Bakugou wants into the waiting room, but Todoroki grabs him by the arm and says he’s gotta come with him as they have to find Deku. Bakugou tells Todoroki, “don’t tell me what to do!” and complains as he follows him out.

Deku and Rody get off from the bus at a random neighborhood. Rody uses a payphone to call Stanley to ask him if he can go home to his siblings to tell them that their brother won't be home for a while. Stanley angrily says no as Rody messed up his client’s order since he didn’t deliver the jewels, so Stanley is in trouble. He angrily hangs up, and Rody gets mad too. Scene cuts to Todoroki and Bakugou riding a train, and they're in casual clothes. Todoroki wears a blue shirt, black pants, and white/grey shoes. Bakugou wears a black dress shirt, inner grey shirt, red pants, and orange/black shoes. They’re heading to Clade Country to find Deku.

Scene goes back to Deku and Rody as they seek refuge in a deserted barn. As they fall asleep, Rody thinks about his past. His family was actually very rich, and Rody always had a fondness for airplanes as their father was an engineer. The house they lived in was a huge mansion, but their mother was not in the flashback. Rody's father gifted him a very complex puzzle key that he tried to solve and unlock. Rody has trouble solving it, so his father helps him. The puzzle unlocks to show a pendant.

The pendant is the one that Rody currently still has with him and wears, which has a picture of him and his two siblings. However, one day his father suddenly disappeared. Apparently he joined Humarize, leaving Rody and his siblings to fend for themselves. The house got vandalized as the neighbors thought they were traitors for being part of Humarize, and Rody and his siblings were forced to move to the poorer areas of the city because no one wanted them around as their family was tied to Humarize. Back to the present, Rody decides to turn himself in and give the suitcase back.

While Deku is sleeping in the barn, Rody quietly takes the suitcase and meets up with one of the villains. Rody's bird tries to stop him, but he ignores the bird and goes to contact the villain. The bird tries to wake up Deku, and when he does, he realizes that the suitcase is gone. Rody is outside meeting up with a Humarize villain, but instead of ensuring his safety, the villain turns on him and starts attacking him. The villain's quirk makes him turn into an oni-looking monster, and he strikes Rody. However, Deku uses his Smash Air Force to knock the villain away. Suddenly, Beros turns up and shoots an arrow at Rody, and Deku throws himself in front of Rody and gets shot.

Deku starts bleeding and staggers, but luckily the arrow hit the smartphone in his front pocket in his overalls. He and Rody then run away and seek refuge in a cave nearby. Deku patches himself up with bandages, and they sit by a fireplace. Rody asks Deku why he saved him from the arrow. Deku says that if someone is in a pinch, it's a hero's job to try to save them. He wants to save them. Deku talks about wanting to be like All Might. Rody says he's very different than Deku.

Rody mentions he doesn't think too far into the future, he just needs to take care of what's in front of him, just needs to take care of his siblings. He says he’s kind of lame. Deku then explains how heroes have to go through a lot, and he tells Rody that he’s also kind of lame. He mentions when he was in U.A. Academy, there were many moments where he had weakness and failed, but his classmates were able to help him, because that’s what heroes do. He has flashbacks of scenes from Season 1-5. The flashback goes by quickly, but it has a scene of Deku being carried by Shouji, Deku, Iida, and Kirishima saving Bakugou, and ends with Ochako hugging Deku to stop the black whip quirk from going crazy from the joint practice exam.

Rody looks like Deku's words touched him, and they formally introduce each other as they never told each other's names up until this point. Rody also tells Deku that his bird’s name is Pino. They then leave the cave, and Rody jumpstarts a car that he "borrows" and drives them away. As Rody is driving, he explains that his mom died when his sister was born. His Dad disappeared with Humarize, and he's been responsible for taking care of his siblings and making ends meet. He shows Deku the locket with a picture of his siblings, and Deku says they look very cute. Rody also looks at the picture, and Deku realizes he’s not watching the road and tells him to keep his eyes on the road.

There is a beautiful road trip montage that starts when they are on the road with Asian Kung-fu Generation’s song "Flower" playing in the background. It shows Deku and Rody together on the roadtrip and has some really amazing landscapes. It's a very peaceful montage. Before the montage ends, there is a scene where Rody helps adjust Deku’s bandages over his chest where he got shot. Deku asks Rody what is his quirk. Rody asks Deku not to laugh because his quirk is kind of lame. Deku promises he won’t laugh. Before Rody tells Deku what his quirk is, the scene cuts to the end of the montage.

The montage ends as they get closer to one of Humarize's headquarters. Just as they arrive near the cliffside, Beros finds them and tries firing at them again. Humarize just wants the case no matter what the cost. Rody tries running away but hangs on the cliff, and Deku can't catch him. Rody starts falling, but thankfully Todoroki's ice saves him and he creates a wall of ice that he slides down from midair. Deku recognizes this ice as Todoroki and calls out to him. Bakugou also comes using his quirk to fight Beros. This fight with Beros near the cliffside is pretty roughly drawn. It’s the only part in the movie that looks like it needed a bit more polishing, but the action is still pretty cool.

Todoroki and Bakugou are wearing their casual clothes still as they fight Beros and the other villains of Humarize. Bakugou propels himself onto the top of the helicopter that Beros is in. She tries to fire at him but realizes she is out of arrows, and it's futile. She realizes that there's no way for her to escape this as Bakugou was about to fire up his explosion. She says a final oath to Humarize as she jumps out of the helicopter and into the deep raveen. She does not appear in the movie again after this scene. They regroup as the helicopter explodes in the air, and Todoroki was able to keep the suitcase safe. Deku notices that the case has a small part protruding from the bottom. It turns out that the part is the same type of puzzle key that Rody's dad gave him as a kid.

Deku and Todoroki try to figure out the puzzle, and Bakugou says “give that to me!” and tries to open it himself, but none of them can solve the puzzle. Rody takes the key and figures out how to open the puzzle. Within the puzzle is a type of key and an SD card. Meanwhile, the villain Flect Turn stands before the followers of Humarize and says it is now time to carry through with their plan to set off t he bombs. He pushes the button that starts the bomb timer of 2 hours before they go off around the world.

People all around the world are in a panic as they try to escape from the bomb areas, but they're not sure where exactly the bombs are planted. Each city is full of mayhem and traffic jams. Shibuya is in a crisis. Kirishima, Tetsutetsu, and Amajiki try to clear out the citizens of Shibuya and move cars and also inspect them for bombs. Jirou and Shouji are nearby listening to instructions from the Hero Association on what to do and also to hear for any disruptions in the ground or nearby to look for the location of the bombs. People in Paris are also panicking. Ochako and the others are also helping clear traffic jams and moving people to safety. They are all trying to look for the bombs planted in each city. Hawks and Tokoyami are also in New York flying over the city to survey it. Yaoyorozu and Setsuna also are helping out in Singapore. Mt. Lady and co. are in Egypt trying to seek out the bomb and calm the citizens. Pro-Hero Salaam is literally a 2D heiroglyph and moves incredibly quickly.

Back in Clade country, Deku, Bakugou, Todoroki, and Rody go to a hotel nearby and use the lobby’s computers to open the contents of the SD card. There's so much data in the SD card along with many different folders. Deku doesn't know where to start looking for clues as to what exactly is this suitcase, and Bakugou pushes him aside and says let me see. He says all they need to do is look for the most recent time stamp to find the latest data added, which turns out to be a voice (and video) recording made by the man with the eyepatch. He explains that Humarize wants to create these bombs to first get rid of the Pro-Heroes. By deploying these bombs, it is natural that the Pro-Heroes will want to find them and disarm them. If the bombs go off when the Pro-Heroes are around them, then they can first get rid of all Pro-Heroes. Humarize wants to create a world where only those who do not have quirks will live, to “purify” the world. Once the world is free of Pro-Heroes, then Humarize can continue with their plan to cleanse the world.

However, the eyepatch man and another researcher by the name of Eddy Soul, Rody Soul’s father, created a way to stop the bomb. Eddy sacrificed himself to create this key with the hopes that someone could find it and help stop Humarize from carrying out their heinous crime. Pino starts crying. In order to do so, they need to go to the main Humarize headquarter to use the key to deactivate the bombs that are already set to detonate within 2 hours. Bakugou figures out how to find the location of the headquarters based on the data in the SD card. The main base is apparently somewhere in the United Kingdom, which is 400km away from Clade Country.

Rody says he can borrow a plane in the nearby airport, which he uses to fly them to the location. While on the plane, Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki gear up in their normal costumes (Bakugou is not wearing the winter costume but just his normal hero costume). They prepare for battle. Meanwhile, Endeavor and his team managed to find the bomb. The rest of the hero teams around the world are trying to find all the bombs. However, as they do, Humarize factions appear everywhere and try to stop each Pro-hero agency from stopping the bombs. Fights between heroes and villains break out. Rody and co. arrive the main Humarize base. Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki jump out of the plane and immediately are shot at by Humarize, who fights with guns as most of them are quirkless. The action sequence here is freaking awesome. However, there are some who also have quirks, and they use their quirks to fight off Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki.

Bakugou is approached by two twins who have razor whip hands. Deku propels himself into the air and falls but Todoroki catches him and holds his waist steady as he uses his ice to rush them deeper into the Humarize headquarters all while the Humarize villains are trying to shoot at them. Todoroki uses ice and Deku simultaneously uses OFA to break through the barrage of attacks. Rody lands the plane and tries to make his way into the Humarize building too, but he is stopped by the Humarize followers. They ask if he is Rody Soul, and they have a deal to make with him.

As they get further into the Humarize building, they are approached by more villains. Todoroki says that he will stay to fight them off and tells Deku to go further in. Todoroki has a solo fight with a huge villain. They fight and fall into a rushing river. The fight between Bakugou and the twins escalates, and there is a TON of blood as the twins slash through Bakugou's arms, clothes, and even stab him in a way that looks like how Shigaraki stabbed Bakugou in Chapter 285. Bakugou bleeds quite profusely in his battle. Miraculously, Bakugou survives all of this, and he uses his grenades to destroy a pillar that crumbles on top of the twins. Just when he thought the fight was over though, the twins use some quirk boosting serum and inject it in themselves, boosting their quirk exponentially to make it even more powerful. Bakugou looks exhausted, but he still fights the two super powered villains. The next scene is Deku approaching the main villain Flect Turn. He tries to fight him, but Flect's quirk is that he can reflect back any action done against him. This means that anytime Deku uses OFA, Flect's quirk causes OFA to go back to Deku, hurting him badly.

Flect explains that because of his quirk, he could never hold or touch anyone, so as a child and into adulthood, he grew up alone because his quirk hurt those he touched. He wants to create a society where no one can get hurt by these “quirks” he view as diseases. Deku gets up and says he can still fight. The main room where Flect Turn is standing in has camera footage of all his classmates around the world fighting too. Lasers shoot at Deku, and he is thrown onto the floor as he bleeds from his wounds caused by the lasers. There is a lot of blood here in this scene as well. He sees everyone fighting and getting hurt by the villains. He says each of his classmate's names as they appear on the screen. He knows they're all doing their best to stop the bombs. He says he needs to protect everyone's smiles. He tries to think of a way to win.

Deku gets up and staggers towards the villain, but he's weak and falls over but Rody appears and catches him by the waist. Rody says he can finish this as he has the key with him. Rody explains that Humarize actually took his dad hostage to force him to make bombs.  However, Humarize said that if Rody can return the key to Flect Turn, then they will at least spare Otheon and turn off the bomb for Otheon only. Rody says he needs to do this to protect his siblings. Rody approaches the villain, and Deku is afraid that Rody would actually give him the key. Pino appears in the back of Rody’s hoodie and shows Deku that this is all part of Rody’s plan and to get ready to attack once Rody gives him the opening.

The villain asks Rody to give him the key, and at first it looks like Rody is going to give in and hand it over. Deku tries to reach him but fails. As soon as Rody hands over the key, he flicks it into the air, and the bird catches the key. This gives Deku a chance to land a hit on the villain. The villain is furious and attacks Rody by directing lasers to fire at him. The lasers shoot right through his chest, and Rody starts bleeding profusely.  Rody has a flashback to where he tells Deku what his quirk is, which he thinks is kind of lame. Rody's quirk is that the bird is actually a manifestation of his inner feelings. It's hard for him to lie as the bird usually gives away his feelings.

Meanwhile, Bakugou looks as if he's fighting a losing battle with the two twin villains. They attack him viciously, and his eyes even start bleeding with his right eye being completely bloodshot. He then discard his gauntlets and use them as bombs to distract them. Bakugou then creates a whirlwind of explosions and uses the bombs to detonate the entire building on top of the villains. He then lands a final Howitzer Impact attack on the villains and miraculously defeats them. This entire scene was executed with really awesome animation.

Todoroki on the other hand is still fending off the villain underwater, and he's slowly losing consciousness as he runs out of breath. He then sees that the river is rushing towards an opening in the cliff. The two then fall out of the river from a waterfall. Todoroki uses his ice and fire combined to create a crazy kind of attack, and he uses fire to envelop the villain. However, the villain projects himself and grows larger, and he swallows the fire and Todoroki along with it. However, Todoroki is able to do some crazy ice and fire attack that gives him an opening to punch a hole right through the villain, effectively defeating him. This entire sequence is so very Nakamura and was so well executed.

As Deku is fighting the villain, Rody makes his way slowly to the control room to stop the bombs with the key in his hand. However, he's bleeding and he leans onto the wall as blood streaks the entire wall as he walks. He's almost at the bomb detonator control, but he faints right before he's able to put the key in to stop the bombs.

The scene then cuts to Endeavor flying the gigantic bomb away from the city, then Hawks & Tokoyami fighting, then Fat Gum, Shoji, and Jirou. They are listening for locations of where the bombs are and tell Fat Gum that there are two more bombs that they need to find in Tokyo. Shoji then says that there is actually three, which is nearby Kirishima. Kirishima is fighting the villains and heads to the bomb in his area, saying “I will never give up! Isn’t that right, Bakugou!!” Scene then cuts to Paris where Tsuyu and Ochako are fighting. Ochako uses her zero gravity on herself to try to get the bomb away and says, "I will never give up, just like Deku!" Kaminari is fighting villains alongside Mineta and Sero, and he says "Deku and the others will never give up, so we won't either!" The scene the cuts to Yaoyorozu as she and Setsuna are also fighting villains and say, "We will never give up!"

Deku can see all of his friends on the TV screens in the control room with the villain. He says to the villain that heroes never give up- that's why they are heroes. Deku sees that the villain's quirk is also wearing down as they continue to fight. Deku activates One For All. The scenes that happens after is ALL NAKAMURA AND ABSOLUTELY GODLY. It starts out with mostly hand to hand combat but then Deku remembers All Might's words and goes super saiyan with the power of One For All. Deku is animated doing this one move that honestly looks like he had transcended to another dimension. His eyes are completely white and glowing as he does a move that looks like the fight against Overhaul, but even crazier.

Deku then lands the finishing blow with a United States of Smash. The animation for this move is different than All Might’s United States of Smash. It starts with Deku using the power of One For All with the rainbow colors that go in sequence, but the animation for this movie’s United States of Smash is absolutely breathtaking. Words cannot describe how amazing it is.

With Flect effectively defeated, Deku runs towards the control room and has 10 seconds to stop the bomb. As he runs, it shows All Might watching, Bakugou unconscious, Todoroki unconscious. Just as time runs out the bombs do not go off. Endeavor is shown mid-air with the bomb still in his arms.

The bombs in Paris, Tokyo, Cairo, and Singapore, although they are in front of all the Pro-Heroes, do not go off. The Pro-Heroes look puzzled as to what was happening. All Might then looks in relief and knows that they did it- someone was able to save the world.

We then see that the person who actually saved was the bird, Pino.

Deku then holds Rody gently as Rody is bleeding out. Deku assures him that they will take him to the hospital asap. Deku grasps Rody's hand, and Rody asks if they saved the world. Deku says Rody and Pino saved the world, and Rody laughs and cries saying, "wow, I guess I'm kind of cool then, huh?" Deku laughs and cries with him as he holds him in his arms.

Scenes from around the world are shown in a kind of montage with Humarize followers getting arrested, Bakugou and Todoroki on a cot getting blood transfusions. Ojiro and Satou are also shown briefly with Tokoyami and Hawks. The scene then cuts to the heroes in Egypt, Singapore, and then Rody and Deku in the hospital bed. Bakugou's bed is across from Deku's, and Recovery Girl is giving him a kiss on the cheek. Todoroki is in patient clothes but he's standing by the window.

Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki are at the airpot and about to leave. Rody comes in crutches to see them off. Bakugou, Todoroki, Endeavor, and Burnin go on ahead. Burnin is wearing casual clothes and does not have her mask on, and her outfit is similar to the one from Horikoshi’s character profile pages for her. She looks very pretty.

Deku's flight is leaving soon. Rody thanks him. The bird is crying. Deku gives Rody a big ole hug, and Rody hugs him back. Rody says to Deku, "man, please don't ever come back here,” but Pino is crying. The camera pans to show Rody, and he’s smiling and teary.

The end of the movie shows Rody going back to Stanley's to work a proper job, and he helps out at the bar as a waiter. There is then a montage of the credits showing the kids back in the U.A. Dormitory from the internships. Iida, Ashido, Aoyama, Hagakure, and Koda welcome them home. Iida approaches Deku and Ochako and they start talking. Ashido is jumping in joy with Mineta while Yaoyorozu and Jirou watch. Hagakure is hanging out with Ojiro, Satou, and Todoroki, Tokoyami, Koda, and a few others are talking together. Kirishima pats Bakugou on the shoulder as Kaminari and Sero are showing off a cool souvenir from Cairo. Mirio has his arms around Nejire and Tamaki. Aizawa appears with Cementoss and Present Mic. All Might and Deku shake hands under the moonlight.

The last montage is of Rody studying to be a proper pilot and his siblings at school. The last scene is a camera pan of the locket with the picture of the three siblings as they sleep in one bed. Next to the bed on the wall is a bunch of kids drawings, and the camera focuses on one drawing of Deku, Bakugou, and Todoroki.



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