The Ministry of Finance in Japan will be implementing a new law in effect starting October 1st, 2021 that imposes a 10% Japan Sales Tax charge on all goods and shipping fee included, which applies to all orders exported from Japan using the “small packet with no tracking service” method, known as “Standard Air Mail*¹.”

The law states on Page 907 of their new Tax Reform Policy book states「 書状、印刷物、小形包装物及び盲人用郵便物は、別途、日本郵便株式会社の書留・保険付のオプション サービスを利用しない場合には、ご依頼主様(控)を受領できないため、輸出免税の適用を受けることは できません」 which translates to “export packages do not qualify for tax exemption should the small packet not have an optional tracking number.” Because Standard Air Mail (small packet with no tracking) does not have a tracking number, the Ministry of Finance in Japan does not deem that order as an international order, even though the package is indeed shipped abroad, as there is no paper proof that the package arrived abroad.

In abidance with the new law instated by the Ministry of Finance in Japan, all orders made starting October 1st, 2021 and henceforth will require a 10% Japan sales tax applied if the selected shipping method is Standard Air Mail. The sales tax will be applied on the Order Subtotal, and Standard Air Mail rates shown already have the 10% Japan sales tax included. Please note that this 10% sales tax will be applied for orders with STANDARD AIRMAIL ONLY. Registered Air Mail and Express Air Mail will NOT require this 10% sales tax as both of those methods come with tracking numbers and an official proof of export issued by Japan Post or delivery service providers such as DHL/FedEx.

We are very sorry for this inconvenience but hope for everyone’s understanding with this new law from the Ministry of Finance in Japan.
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*¹ FOR U.S. ORDERS: Please note that in the event that your chosen shipping method of Standard Air Mail with the 10% tax included causes your order total to be equal to that of an order total if selecting the Express Air Mail method, then your package will be automatically upgraded to the insured and trackable shipping method at no additional cost.